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What is IRS Form 1310?

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Are you a U.S. taxpayer who is struggling with all the pending tax forms to file at the end of the financial year then it must be a difficult situation for you. If you have come across the IRS Form 1310 then by now your mind must have been flooded with questions about it. You must be wondering what is this form.

You need to file Form 1310 IRS when someone from your family passed away in the middle of the financial year and you need to claim the federal tax refund. This refund can be claimed by the designated executor of the estate, but if no one has been named as an administrator then it gets passed on to a survivor of the deceased taxpayer. Generally, the 1310 IRS Form is filed by the living spouse.
In most of the cases, the surviving spouse of the deceased taxpayer or the already-named executor of the estate gets the right to file this form. To become the executor, the person has to be named in the will made by the deceased person.

If the personal representative or administrator is filing the complete tax return on the behalf of the deceased relative or family member then they also have to submit Form 1040 along with the IRS Form 1310 to the IRS. This way their refund payment can get initiated.

As the executor, you become fully responsible for filing and paying all the taxes of the person if there are any. In this scenario, the IRS Form 1041 needs to be filed along with the IRS Form 1310. You have to file the 1041 form only when the estate has an income of $600 or more in one financial year.

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