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Solve the secret why some 80-year-old brains "no rust&q

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Thanks for sharing. This is my first time visiting your blog. Really I like your Blog. Keep doing more like this.
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PostWysłany: 06:08 Nie 22 Lis 2020    Temat postu: Solve the secret why some 80-year-old brains "no rust&q Odpowiedz z cytatem

The researchers slotxo found There is a group of elderly people who, even though they are over 80 years old, still have a good memory. And still has a sharp mind compared to people in their 50s or 60s.

Researchers refer to this group as super-agers, or if it's easy to translate. Is someone who is old but rust does not cling Or rust still does not catch it

The researchers studied 31 super-agers and published the results in the October issue of Plos One. One of the reasons the super-agers keep their memory, researchers say, is because they have a good relationship. And satisfying quality with other people

But in addition to studying the quality of relationships between super-agers and others, The researchers also studied the physical characteristics of the brains of this group. And found that the part of the brain called the outer cortex or the outer brain tissue In medicine, gray matter is larger than the average person.

gray matter It is the brain tissue or nerve cell tissue used in various senses such as vision, hearing, perception, emotion. Self control Including learning new information, etc.

The researchers are not sure. The reason why this cortex, or gray matter, shrinks less or slower than the life expectancy criteria for super-agers, is due to the genetics that super-agers have larger brain tissue than normal?

And it is not clear how much of a positive relationship process can play a role in the shrinkage or decline of gray matter?

However, researchers say Although the average person may not have a large outer cortex. But we can also help slow down the contraction or the deterioration of this part of the brain. To increase your chances of becoming super-agers

In addition to trying to build a good relationship or a satisfying social network. And quality with friends and family members The researchers suggest that the lifestyle or the Life Style is important as well.

Such as exercising regularly Eating foods that are primarily plant-based Non smoking Maintaining health and blood pressure levels are not too high. Including being interested in learning new things To stimulate brain activity And find the challenge to feed yourself all the time

Including setting a needle and a purpose in life So that life is valuable and meaningful.
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