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Wild Giant Panda slot game review

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PostWysłany: 03:47 Czw 17 Wrz 2020    Temat postu: Wild Giant Panda slot game review Odpowiedz z cytatem

Review of Wild Giant Panda slot game, a game from SLOTXO, Five Musketeers of Shu Kingdom or Five Warlords in the historical Chinese literature of the Three Kingdoms, The xo Five Musketeers are ranked among skilled warlords. Famed throughout the Three Kingdoms Lord Liu Bei's Five People Realm, it consists of Guan Yu, Zhang Hui, Zhao Yun, Horse Qiao, Hong Dong, they are ready to join you in the battle of fortune. Read more reviews of slot games.

Financial rate reward

Wild Giant Panda's payout, or the highest possible point in the game, is 400 points. That's a 5-line wild symbol on that spin. As a result of one spin, you will have more than one chance of xo winning, especially if you choose a large number of lines to play. The more chances of playing and winning as well. But if you're going to do the calculations yourself every time, it might be too difficult. But you can trust AFL calculations that there is a program that calculates it accurately and precisely.

Symbols in the game

The symbols, images and icons in the game are: Panda, Bamboo, Frog, Fish, JKAQ Letters, Numbers 10, 9, xo Yin Yang, Goldfish, Bird, Lotus. The continuation of the Sage Universe, the white part is Yang, meaning the sun, which symbolizes the power of the male. Enthusiasm for movement


Scatter This giant panda game uses the panda symbol. The main function of the distribution is to trigger the free spins feature or the bonus game. The scatter is generally usable, which means youxo will have to spin the reels to match the paylines at the same time before the feature can be activated. Some scatter slots require 3 or more symbols on the reels 2, 3, 4 to get the total game 5 free, maybe not a lot. But it is released very often.

Wild symbol

The Wild Symbol is a special symbol that can substitute for any symbol (except Scatter) from this property. sxo Therefore, the wild symbol is the symbol that will give players a chance to win more prizes playing slots games. In this game, pandas are used as wild symbols. Anyway, ask the plump and cute panda to help his friends.


Panda LINES game is 50 lines or 50 lines, the winning direction counts from left to right. And must have 2 or more identical symbols, a maximum of 5 cells is considered a win and the payout is calculated based on the value of that symbol. Calculated by multiplying the total xo number of lines and of course we will get more than 1 line per spin, the prize will be even more. The specialty of this game is that there are only 11 random images, giving each random spin a high probability. That will have a line in pressing Spin only once

We have regular updates to the game. Many people say that the same game over and over again will be boring or not. Of course, that would have been boring without updates. But not for Slot. We xo have weekly updates. Recently, a new play mode has been opened. The advanced player mode is a high stakes bet. Start betting at 45 GP for line bets. I think you will definitely like the big bets. The bonus is heavy as well.
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