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Checklist! Medicines that should be carried in your bag when

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When going abroad, in addition to arranging trips Bag prepared What is indispensable is ทางเข้า slotxo preparation. "Common trip drugs" that must be put in the bag with us because traveling abroad is The terrain, weather and food are different from our home. Causing fatigue or falling ill Finding the drug is difficult and reasonably priced. So, preparing your own generic medicine is the best and most comfortable!

Let's see what kind of drugs should be prepared.

Cold remedy, fever reducer, mucus reduction, used when there is heat, fever, pain relief. Medicines that should be carried quickly include: Paracetamol, Carbocysteine, Cetirizine, etc.

Massage medicine or paste to relieve fatigue. When experiencing muscle aches, it is best for days of walking. Use a lot of body

Pills for motion sickness, seasickness while traveling Which of these types of drugs will have side effects is drowsiness. Should eat half an hour before traveling if traveling long distances. For short trips, prepare chewing gum or candy. For distraction And plastic bags In case of wanting to vomit

Medicines to relieve stomach pain and diarrhea These symptoms are common during traveling abroad. Medicines that should be carried with you, such as anti-nausea and vomiting, carbon powder or charcoal tablets. For treating diarrhea Medicines to reduce intestinal peristalsis, pain relief, mineral salt powder for replacement of dehydration when vomiting or diarrhea, antidiarrheal medicine, indigestion, as well as medicine for gastritis. For people with frequent gastritis too

Antihistamines, antihistamines, nasal congestion drugs, used when there is an allergic reaction to rashes, air allergies, hives, nasal congestion, etc.

Medical disease indispensable Which is the most important drug such as heart medication High blood pressure or diabetes and should always carry a medical certificate when traveling for safety.

Other drugs that can treat the initial injury, such as ointments for internal burns

Caution In some countries, some drugs are prohibited into the country. You should study carefully before traveling.

Has checked the list of important drugs for the trip Ready to put the bag ready. In this way, you can feel at ease, ready to go on every trip. Worry no more
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